Society Archive

Using the link below allows you to look at a monograph entitled “Exmoor’s Native Sheep and their Wool, Past and Present” produced in September 2022 for the Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeders’ Society.

Since such a small book could never encompass the full story of the breed, current and past members are invited to make their own contributions to the Society’s Archive. Records of farming and family life in the form of photographs, video, written narrative, maps or voice recordings are all welcome. Even if you no longer keep sheep, you may have interesting pictures from a bygone era.

Each family will have their own page, indexed by surname and farm name (not actual address). Modern phones and cameras can easily photograph things that you would not want to post, so please send your contribution to David Butt ( ) with Society Archive in the subject line. A date always makes an item more interesting. By submitting an archive record you are agreeing to its being on the EHSBS website.

Please help us make this archive a valuable resource for the future. What we take for granted today becomes tomorrow’s curiosity. Our breed has a long history so let us not forget how we arrived at the present.

Butt. Little Hawkwell.

Head. Harton.