Exmoor Mule

The Exmoor Mule is derived from using a Blue Faced Leicester Ram on an Exmoor Horn ewe. The resultant cross-bred ewe is considered by many as one of the finest mules available.

The Exmoor Mule retains many of the qualities of the Exmoor Horn; it has a quiet temperament and is easy to contain and handle, whilst exhibiting the improved hybrid vigour performance of the cross-bred animal. The lambs achieve good weight gains from grass and finish easily at around 18-22g deadweight.

The influence of the Blue Faced Leicester produces a good sized, long animal of good confirmation and excellent fat to weight ratio.

Key Points of the Exmoor Mule are:

Prolific – 160-200% lambing

Longevity – Hardwearing ewe that holds it teeth

Maternal Ability – very milky, good mothers

Premium Quality Lamb – 18-22kg dw. 2-3L fatness and U/R+ confirmation

Hard Feet – very little foot trouble

Low Flock Depreciation – long lived and cheaply maintained