Breed Qualities

Exmoor Horn Ewe and LambThe Exmoor Horn Sheep is classified as a true hill bred and is correctly described as a dual-purpose upland sheep.
The ewes are valued for their ability to produce finished lambs of the highest quality and are also excellent mothers and good milkers. Although a hill breed, the Exmoor Horn is a docile sheep, easy to handle and contain.

When the Exmoor Horn ewe is crossed with a Blue Faced Leicester ram, it produces one of the finest mules in Britain.

The Exmoor Horn ram is also an excellent terminal sire on a wide variety of crosses, passing on its attributes of docility, and the ability to produce finished lamb from low input systems.

The Exmoor Horn is prized both for its lamb and mutton. The renaissance in the market for mutton signals a very positive step for the breed.

Unusually for a hill breed, the Exmoor Horn produces a very fine quality fleece which is of excellent colour, good staple length and quality with a micron count of 36.7