See below for contact details of Exmoor Horn farmers who can supply you with either lamb or mutton.


Exmoor Horn lamb and mutton from Exmoor, a place of wilderness, tranquillity and beauty, is a regional food of great distinction.


The passing of centuries has meant that Exmoor Horn sheep have adapted perfectly to the, often harsh, conditions of the moor.  Their hardiness, together with their natural diet of moorland pasture, largely untouched by modern farming practice, produce a slow maturing breed.  This holds the key to the unmistakable succulence and taste of the lamb and mutton. 


All Exmoor Horn lamb and mutton is produced to the following exacting quality standards:


·        Produced only from purebred Exmoor Horn sheep.


·        Farmed by members of the Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeders’ Society.


·        Produced from animals born and reared on Exmoor.


·        Produced from natural upland forage-based systems.


·        Lamb matured for a minimum of 7 days and mutton 14 days.


·        High welfare and faming standards maintained by EHSBS members.


You can experience the taste of Exmoor brought straight to your doorstep by contacting one of the following Exmoor Horn producers direct.  Your lamb will be jointed, vacuum packed for added freshness and delivered by next day courier service in a chilled insulated box.

New Season Exmoor Horn Lamb is now available from the following EHSBS members.  Please contact them for a quote for your own half Exmoor Horn lamb box.


Contact Sally or David

01643 862295


Edward Harding

07970 448573

JR Richards & Sons


01643 862678

Tim Stenner

01643 851 298



Andrew and Sarah Dixon Exmoor Horn lamb and mutton is the true taste of Exmoor.

Exmoor Horn lamb and mutton is a premium quality product meeting modern consumers’ needs for naturally reared meat from distinctive traditional breeds.

Andrew Dixon is chef and proprietor of Andrews on the Weir at Porlock Weir in the heart of Exmoor.  He regularly serves Exmoor Horn lamb and mutton

“We use Exmoor Horn lamb and mutton because it has a great texture and finish which gives it flavour that no other lamb offers….”

For many years the Exmoor Horn was considered to produce the finest British Mutton.  Significant trade was established with London’s restaurants and butchers demanding Exmoor Horn mutton on their menus and counters.

Although over the past sixty years consumer demand for mutton dwindled to virtually nothing, we are now witnessing a resurgence of interest which has been led to a great part by Prince Charles and also the Mutton Renaissance Club which has been established exclusively to raise the profile and market awareness of this premium product.  Any growth in demand for mutton will undoubtedly create natural markets for the Exmoor Horn.